21 July, 2009


This Thursday a 5pm EST a mighty and fierce battle will break out in the sciencey blogosphere. I know this because I will be one of the combatants, and I intend to kick some serious arch-nemesis ass! This will not be any ordinary flame-war or troll-con, no, this will be far more violent, far more bruising, and inflict far more collateral damage on the surrounding countryside.

This will be the duel for the TITLE OF MOST NEFARIOUS!!!

and I dispute and have fought at great length to determine which of us is more nefarious. Indeed, entire dinosaur armies (my shock troops) have been obliterated into smushiness by her trout-gore spewing bento cannons (her favorite weapon) and I have fried literally tons of her self-replicating bunny robots with the stabby teeth with my mighty Tesla coil cannons! The countryside can not support such vicious and scientific warfare for too much longer, so Hermitage and I agreed to settle this dispute like proper scientists: a paper duel.

Because each of us is rather fond of all of you, we chose an open-source PLoS ONE paper upon which to wage war: Unscented Kalman Sensor for Brain-Machine Interfaces. This way each of you can see the original source.

The battle will not be over the paper itself, but rather for your hearts and minds. Hermitage and I are each going to blog about the paper cited above. Then you, our lovely readers, will each get 100 points to assign between us as you see fit. Whomever has more points after 72h for voting will be declared the winner.

I tap out this announcement in order to give you fair warning. Shore up the walls of your own individual Internet homesteads, put the fine china in the cellar, and get yourself a hammer to beat at us if we encroach too closely to your territory in the blushing heat of the battle.

Watch out, it's coming!

Dear Hermitage,



Bora Zivkovic said...

I hope you both make sure your posts are aggregated on Researchblogging.org so they can be in the running for the PLoS ONE Blog Pick Of The Month!

Hermitage said...


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

I've been wondering where Hermitage had got to. Apparently the answer is "preparing for battle".