14 April, 2008

Office Enterprise 2007

It can really suck sometimes.

I made this really cool Powerpoint presentation that I was going to post on here. It was all about enterohemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) and the genetics of Shiga toxin expression (which are really cool!). But Office Enterprise 2007 isn't nice enough to allow me to do so. I tried converting it to an .html file, but then Office wouldn't let me access the actual code, only look at it through my default browser. Now, yes, I could have gone and coded it all by hand, but that would have taken up much more time that I was willing to spare for this (it's finals season for me!). So you all (maybe there's one of you, but we're going to pretend that you're plural, just like we're pretending like we're plural) will just have to imagine how cool the genetics of Shiga toxin in pathogenic strains of E. coli are.

It's probably better that way anyway.