19 October, 2007

Cartoons of My Creation

The words read "Like, OH MY GOD! Are those GUCCI wading boots!!??"

I know, I know, this one was a cheap joke.

This is a low-res image blown up. The thought bubble on the bacteria reads "Heh heh, I just peed."


I'm beginning to think that I should spring for a USB graph-pad so that I can more easily post the doodles and sketches that many of the concepts I write about revolve around. For example, I was thinking today and I realizes just how cool it would be to have a giant fire-breathing robotic chicken. Not for doomy purposes, but for awesomeness. I, for one, and probably the only one, find that it'd be really cool to pilot a giant fire-breathing robotic chicken down the street. And I wouldn't even have to wear shoes!

17 October, 2007


So I was wondering today about anti-chickens. Immature as it may be, I still find it funny whenever people are talking about antibodies and say things like "IL-8 goat anti-chicken". So it set me to wondering what an anti-chicken would be like. In physics, an antiparticle has exactly opposite properties of its corresponding particle, e.g., electrons and positrons. So, given that the defining properties of chickens include:

1) Feathers
2) Beak
3) Wings
4) Tastiness
5) Eggs

Then it would stand to reason that an anti-chicken would have neither feathers, beaks, nor wings, and would taste terrible (or taste so good that regular chicken would then seem to taste horrible) and definitely not lay eggs. Hence the sudden germane application of the doodle above (was drawn about a year ago on statistics notes).

Note: Eventually I intend to start doing a weekly nerd cartoon on this blog.

15 October, 2007

Pimping Music #1

So this is going to be very, very rare, only done in those cases in which music is supportive of nerdiness and science. Basically, there's this band, and they're called Pornophonique and I think that they're so nerdy it's cool. They took a guitar and an old Nintendo console and make music out of it, and they make music about nerdy things. Songs such as "Sad Robot" and "Take Me to the Bonuslevel Because I Need an Extralife" make me happy to be in the know of such nerd esoterica.
Seriously, here's their website, and here's where you can Bittorrent their music for free.

02 October, 2007


Take that, Occam!

I do believe that, by applying maximum parsimony to a massive human endeavor, I have discovered the
true nature of science of all sorts and kinds and shiny-nesses. Simply put:

Theorem: Science is the technique of sticking stuff that wasn't made to be stuck to stuff to stuff that wasn't made to have stuff stuck to it, and the art of trying to figure out why.

Now, being a scientist, I've got to go try to find some contradictions to the above postulation.