22 June, 2007

Terminology Bastards #1&2

1) Shiga toxin
Make up your minds, microbiologists!  First you're calling it Shiga toxin and abbreviating it Stx.  That was fine.  So was the classification of Stx-1 and Stx-2.  These are structurally different, and as such, that's cool with me.  But then came along such terms as verotoxin, which is apparently the same thing, and SLTs.  SLTs are Shiga-like toxins, but when these terms are used, the scientists writing these invariably fail to adequately differentiate them from Stx.

2) APC
Here's one that the whole world needs to agree on.  APC stands for WAY too many things.  Antigen presenting cell.  Adenomatous polyposis coli.  Anaphase promoting complex.  Activated protein C.  Armed Proletarians for Communism.  A Perfect Cirlce.  Association for Progressive Communications.  American Plastics Council.  American Pie Council.  Attoparsec.  Automatic performance control. Adaptive predictive coding. Advanced process control. Alternative PHP cache.  Armored personnel carrier.  Average propensity to consume.

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