30 November, 2007

Tales of the Anti-Chicken

Once upon a time ago in a land not far away but farther than a snail will go for doughnuts there lived The Anti-Chicken. The Anti-Chicken had been borne of a goat and an interleukin, and as such the Anti-Chicken was very confused and clingy. It would roam the country-side in its Chicken-Head-Goat Hat and slink among the shadows. It knew that there was something wrong about it, for whenever it appeared in the daylight and among decent folk, they'd always scream and run away in fearful terrorness and screaming screaming. So the Anti-Chicken was very sad. It even tried to pass itself off as a normal chicken, but unfortunately failed (seems that explosions would occur whenever it ran into a Chicken) and was subsequently run out into the Cold Forest.

So now The Anti-Chicken roams the Cold Forest by night, looking for the Anti-Goat. One day, they may find each other, and when they do it will be the worse for everyone. Or they'll be happy and blissful together and leave everyone alone.


Anonymous said...

on an unrelated note-I noticed your post trying to make a potentiometer, I was doing much the same thing, searched all the materials I could find, found out about ribbon controllers (you wouldnt easily be able to source the ribbon material) perhaps in the doepfer.com spare parts list you can find some long resistiv bands but good luck finding the right resistive quality and actually getting hold of them...in the end I found I could use PC tablets for music so I'm doing that.

Anonymous said...

boy yes you might be able to use a string potentiometer-one of the ones which is a string basically I can't remember the name, it might be waterproof, the perfect resistance amount, it's basically a little string that rolls out of a box that changes resistance