30 October, 2008


I've always found it odd that humans can ruminate upon some kind of thought, and thereby produce ruminations in spite of humans being non-ruminant mammals, yet when a cow ruminates its ruminations are manure.

Anyway, that is not the point of this blogpost.

There exist jokes as part of the human condition that I find very interesting. Some jokes are just plain funny no matter what, but others create a group and then make fun of it to the out-group's humor. Specifically, I am referring to redneck jokes that follow the form "You might be a redneck if...X, Y or Z."

Why aren't there "You might be a nerd if...X, Y or Z." Or "You might be a scientist if...X, Y or Z." From personal experience, I put forth the following:

You might be a scientist if you notice mechanical squeaking while walking and your first assumption is that your parents must have forgotten to tell you you're an android.

But maybe that's not a funny joke, because it really happened to me. My belt buckle was squeaky. Surely you can do better than this.

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