15 February, 2007

Clathrin-Coated Vesicle Formation

Once there was a nice neighborhood, it had abundant nutrients and metabolites, and all was well.

That is, until one ominous day something happened outside of the neighborhood wall. That day a signal slammed into the wall and caused one of the wall's embedded signal detectors to start blinking ominously.

And then it happened again, and again.

And soon there was a whole row of ominously blinking signal detectors, screaming to the inhabitants of the quiet neighborhood: "HEY! SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE!", and of course the inhabitants quickly sat up and took notice. So they sent their clathrin pets to investigate the disturbance, and they quickly removed that portion of the wall, and packed it up nicely so that none of the disturbance could leak out and disturb the otherwise undisturbed neighborhood.

The wall quietly sealed behind the clathrin pets as they clung to the blinking signal detectors and fetched them for their owners.

Once inside the neighborhood, the pets, being forgetful, as is their wont, quickly became distracted by other shiny things and dropped the package and left it up to the inhabitants of the neighborhood. They gathered around and thoughtfully thought about what to do, and then some of the inhabitants realized that they had equipment was of the right configuration of deal with the disturbance, so they quickly hauled it off to their neighborhoods and took care of it.

And then the neighborhood lived quietly ever after...

That is, until the next time.

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