22 August, 2007

1) Spam, and 2) Casserole

Not related in this post. Possibly related in a distant relative's infamous potluck dish, but not here.

1) Spam
Sometimes I get really excited about the spam I receive. My email account lies behind a really tight spam filter, so the stuff that gets through is usually really good. My favorites:

A) "Cohomology Bedspring Coronet" by Heidi Valentine:
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clarence. cry adsorb algonquin begrudge dart classroom b's amnesia defunct.
allotted cryostat arpa cession damascus cluck ace.

B) "Points" by Nagihan Fadum:
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Explorer browser lions share. Apuroscom que la nuestros clientes. Standards believe guess texts.
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Pleased th millionth millionen downloads mayhew reaching partners.
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Acl interface isolation uipi blocks hook attach higher?

C) "
Well, the first thing you need to do is figure out whether it's a legitimate program showing traces of malicious behaviour." by Boran Juuuu
Gireiev glanced up at the wall.

These types of messages fascinate me, in some kind of odd way. How are they made? Who makes them?

2) Casserole

I think that sometime I would like to bake a casserole inside of an Erlenmeyer flask, and make it all the nastiest bacterial colors that I possibly can, just to see if people would dare eat it, even when obliged to by politeness.

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