02 June, 2009

Laboratory Conversations

Toaster: "How best to clean out the Micro-Q?"

TechnoGrad: "Spray in ethanol and dry with the air outlet, but be careful because if you put it on there it'll shoot across the room."

Toaster: "That could be fun."

TechnoGrad: "Not with the Micro-Q, with regular pipettes, yeah, but not with-"

Toaster: "But last time I was shooting pipettes across the room you weren't happy."

TechnoGrad: "Yeah, well, now I'm in the other room."

Toaster [not listening]:"...although that could have also been because I was shooting them with an improvised slingshot at your head..."

Student2: "Uh..."

TechnoGrad: "Who said scientists aren't fun?"

Student 2: "Uh...well,"

TechnoGrad: "Gotta love scientists, gotta love science!"

Student 2: "Uh..."

TechnoGrad: "But not in that way!"

Toaster: "Hey, speak for yourself!"