07 August, 2009

New Moral Compass

I think I have decided that this song is my new moral compass:

If ever I find myself questioning whether a given action is correct, moral, or ethical, I will play this song in the back of my head. It'll be like a Magic 8 Ball, not even I will know the mechanism of how exactly it works, but the answers it gives will just magically be correct.

This strikes me as a particularly good idea.

However, that could also be due to 3h of sleep from having to change a blown-out tire at 2am*, not arriving back at home until 4am, and trying to wash all of that down with vodka. I did, however, procure a large tube of industrial-strength epoxy and a ball of string last night, so that makes me happy. Dear readers, I am curious now what you think of me in the regard of: which do you think I will wind up getting into more trouble with? The epoxy or the string?

My new roommate also bought epoxy, although instead of string he opted for a lot of fake shrubbery. You can count on some guest blogging from him in the near future.

Roommate (left) and Toaster (right, wrapped in cape). Trust us, we know what we're doing: WE'RE SCIENTISTS!

*Yes, Roommate helped. Toaster tried to repay him with an apple fritter today, but he wasn't in his lab, so Sister Doom got it instead.

1 comment:

Becca said...

The epoxy is more dangerous, obviously. It facilitated fake shrubbery- one of the most insidious forms of the viscous evil that is shrubbery.
Plus, a world without string is chaos.