31 July, 2009


For the first time in a long time, I looked at the Google Keywords that are leading people to this site. I was very amused. In fact, I'm still amused, and also bewildered. Since this is a happy state of being, I thought it might be polite of me to share it with you.

fire breathing chicken
mass haul optimization algorithm
belgian blues
20 flirty questions for scientists
a scientist and makeup blog
adiponectin the scientist
bass player scientist
bigger cecum
can bacteria grow on oreos
cartoon word
do llamas have breasts?
ear toasters
friends flirting bad side
fucking awesome toasters
guild of mad scientists
hats that a scientist would wear
hungry leptin
igf-1 before after pics
in vitro system to create apoptotic cells
invader zim gir mens sneakers
luciferin problem
mad to breast
moshing as a woman
picture of a mad scientist
pipette tips in nostril funny
read the fucking manual cartoon
silk muscle
tesla jr
there's a llama
vampire ass
was i flirting
weakness of a men to a woman
zombies cooler than vampires
leptin ghrelin adiponectin resistin milk

Of all these terms, it's "there's a llama" that worries me the most. I picture someone nervously googling that term while an angry llama stares inside their bedroom window, chewing oh-so-patiently whilst waiting for the full moon to rise! Because that's what llamas do, right?

Also, I do not recommend ear toasters. Use muffins instead; they are thermally dense and edible!


Becca said...

and another little llama!!!


(I share this at the risk of spoiling the mystery if you've never seen it, in the hopes the that this video cannot possibly actually clarify anything)

Anonymous said...

I got "treacle covered vulva" in my google keywords list. The mind boggles...

Anonymous said...

Well, the "fucking awesome toaster" searcher certainly came to the right place.