02 April, 2009

Ideal Goggles

As a Mad Scientist, I have thought often and deeply about my Ideal Goggles.

I have even priced out and located parts for the various optics I intend to include. I intend to build 2X, 5X, and 10X on my dominant eye, iris mechanisms in both eyepieces, and a laser array on the weaker eye, possibly with selectable color LED mechanisms should I need to look at things in a different light. I find that an iris mechanism would be necessary for the optics to be useful, because the magnifying eyepieces in the goggles above, while sufficiently mad-looking, are impractical in such an array because they wouldn't cover much of one's field of vision and thus make focusing one's eyes on whatever was there very difficult.

However, the problem I continue to run up against is that of the headband and frame. I want a simple frame for the primary eyepieces, nothing too unnecessarily complex, but a sturdy enough headband that I can use it to anchor the optics and electronics. Brass or steel is an obvious good choice for the frame, but what about the headband?

What materials do you think would be best in building Mad Scientist Ideal Goggles?

Image source here, found through Gizmowatch found through Oobject.


Science Bear said...

This reminds me of a higher tech version of those glasses from "National Treasure."

Hermitage said...

Damn, I was hoping that was a screenshot for a movie because I would IMMEDIATELY go watch it 100 times per day for life. Magnificent goggle pr0n.

Toaster Sunshine said...

Clearly we have a project, then.

We need to make a movie about steampunky scientists who are hiding out in the Science Bear's Cave, desperately researching ways to stop the growing encroachment of the Sciborg Collective. And it must make science, even sweaty desperate cave (because I imagine that all the hot equipment would make any cave rather warm and humid) survival science, absolutely beautiful. We can even include a zeppelin.

I mean, wouldn't that be great on your CV?