17 April, 2009

Musical Faux Pas

My boss is used to walking in to the lab and hearing this kind of music playing as TechnoGrad and I have extensively programmed several industrial radio channels:

But when TechnoGrad is not there, I tend to listen to more diverse music. Usually this means some wicked drum and bass, blues, or 90s hard rock and I'll Cracker Dance as I do science. But sometimes I put on hip-hop. So of course on the most recent rare occasion when I've got U.S. rap* playing, my boss walks in as Pandora serves up this** (NSFW):


Please also note:
Regular science programming will resume shortly.

*As opposed to UK grimecore rap such as that done by Lady Sovereign, Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle, The Streets, and The Audiobombs.
**Toaster does not endorse or approve the misogyny expressed in this song. He feels guilt for finding the beat catchy.


Hermitage said...


KAZAAAM! It is epically hilarious in nature. I really want to play it during some lab function just to see everyone's facial expressions. Possibly the day after I defend.

quietandsmalladventures said...

i find catchy beats in the lab encourage the lab gremlin of doom to stay away from my bench. i also found that some catchy beats were better than others for keeping away the PI when he was being a bit peckish.

ryc: LOVE your description of your learning style (especially anthropomorphizing the functions you read about), i'm incorporating it into my studying now :)