01 April, 2009

New Layout

Courtesy of Ambivalent Academic's aching eyes and migrainy head, because I genuinely believe that alienating potential allies in my quest for lunar domination is stupid! Therefore I take requests and questions (sometimes).

Honestly, I hadn't even thought that white on black would be a problem for anyone because I read it quite easily. Guess that's part of being mostly nocturnal. It's not, however, as bad as the brightass green text on a black background (TRON-style) that I used to have.

So if I caused any migraines in anyone else, I apologize, for it was not intended (this time).


29 clicks
4 saying "Great blog!" (16%)
5 saying "This blog smells like 2-betamercapthenol..." (20%)
1 saying "Toaster is obviously a fathead and I just can't get past that." (4% and I know who did this. We'll be having a chat, you and I, oh yes, we will.)
7 saying "I'm only here because I think Toaster is hot." (29%)
15 saying "I like bunnies!" (54%)

My ego was beat ~2:1 by bunnies, which is OK because I know I'm homely (at least in comparison to THIS). Bunnies are much cuter, fluffier, and snuggly, all at once. I am only capable of one of those at a time, and the fluffier one takes several months.

P.S. - I oughta have some lovely research blogging up for you in the near future!


Ambivalent Academic said...

Totes better Toaster! Thanks so much.

And just so you know, you are not the cause of migraines...but blogs formats in direct conflict with human visual physiology can certainly aggravate them. hence the new layout is much appreciated.

verification word = "bleet"

Make of that what you will.

Hermitage said...

While it is shiny I must say it does not give off a proper MAD SCIENTIST aura that I have become accustomed too. Maybe you need a header picture of Dr. Frankenstein or something. To more obviously convey the message of interstellar conquest.

Science Bear said...

I decided to make a few changes too.. might have something to do with spring, or maybe it's just boredom.

Looking forward to the research blogging (though I obviously suck at follow thru :-)