25 April, 2009


In case any of you doubt the awesome hotness of the science I have done this week, gaze upon the picture above and be unimpressed (taken today on an Olympus upright fluorescent microscope). Then click on it to kick it out into a new tab or window much bigger and you'll see just how sweaty-palmed hot this science is.

Don't see it?

Look to the resolution.



This was done using special capillary slides and a Microprobe apparatus and an abbreviated incubation timeschedule. Despite my custom Megablocking Buffer working wonderfully in other micrograph fields, this particular chunk had particularly high background so it's scientifically useless. Still beautiful, though.

Post Script - Toaster has finally gotten a toaster. I've been without a toaster for 8 months, and I've been quite aware of the irony of me, Toaster, not actually having a toaster and being forced to make toast with a skillet or the oven. But this one has 4 slots, and each one is big enough for a grilled cheese!

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Eppendork said...

Mmmmmmm - pretty pretty - I like pretty pictures.

That is all.