18 May, 2009

Introducing The Millikan Daily

One of the titans that rules the Internet from the murky shadows has chosen to come forth and write a blog for all of us pathetic plebians whom she allows to tread her realm, perhaps that we might tremble in fear more appropriately when we gnats dare cross her wishes.

Ladies, gentlemen, and assorted others, I introduce to you The Eleventy Cat Herder, Kickballertress Extraordinaire, and Power DJ: Arikia Millikan and her shiny new blog The Millikan Daily. She alone among the Internet Sirens possesses the power to divide the Internet by 0, but will generally restrict her fury to hacking your homepage to 4chan and cutting you off from all unicorn chasers.

Head over and check it out; it still has that acetoney new-blog smell.


Arikia said...

Toaster Sunshine, you are amazing. This post makes me so happy I could pee, as Dr. Isis would say. Thanks for the props! You're totes blogrolled =)

Hermitage said...

Well, that river of accolades was so fierce and strong I thought you were paying homage to your dear Arch Nemesis. I shall have to go peruse this new blog, posthaste.