22 May, 2009

Toaster Revealed

Oh noes!

Arikia Millikan done blogged me!

The invasion was surprisingly easy, I'd expected greater resistance from the native population. Instead the soldiers manning the defenses left their posts to join the streaming crowds basking in the glow of our wonderous glory and welcomed us as their new overlords.

Phase I of Plan Lunar Domination* complete!

Extra special post-script note thingy: Hermitage is trying to prove who's more nefarious by polling. Options are Toaster, Hermitage, Ninjas, and Pirates. Dear readers, you all know who is far more nefarious. So please, be true to that knowledge and go crash that poll!

Post-post script: I may or may not still be drunkish from myself and Arikias' wonderous invasion, and I don't know whether it's from the smoke of ten thousand votive incenses burning or the power. This is the state of Schroedinger's Sobriety.

*Better suggestions for a lunar domination plan (because earthly world domination has too many people to govern and control) are being crowdsourced, so send in your suggestions today! The winner will receive a free caricature of their choosing (Toaster and Arikia excluded from choosingnessability).

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