19 May, 2009


For no apparent reason I find myself absolutely fascinated by these.

Why is the man in a bikini? There's nothing wrong with it, but why?


amy said...

I love the rope prank! It's amazing how accommodating people are -- we just assume others know what they're doing, and we work around their projects. I was recently reading about research on baby intelligence, and apparently we're hard-wired to distinguish goal-directed from random behavior, and from a very young age we're able to see what goal a goal-directed activity is trying to achieve. So, if you see someone "holding a rope," you just assume the rope is there.

On the other hand, the hot water trick seems mean, especially if the hot water is very hot.

Ambivalent Academic said...

Re: the invisible rope prank. It just goes to show you about "sheeple". Seriously, sheep are notorious for following other sheep. To the extent of jumping over "invisible obstacles". If you let a flock of sheep out of a gate, and the first sheep has to jump over an obstacle on the way out, then you remove the obstacle for all the subsequent sheep, they will all still jump just as the first one did even though there's nothing there.

If the first person to encounter the "invisible rope" had ignored it or not noticed and just walked on through, I suspect that the others who saw this might do the same.

LostMarbles said...

You laugh at the people avoiding the invisible rope and call them sheeple, but that's because you've never tripped over invisible objects and injured yourself. For some of us it's a real problem :P