20 March, 2009

Audio Monstrosity #2

Toaster has been up to nefariousness for the past couple of hours (2.5h, to be exacter). This is what inevitably happens when he's left up to his own devices. You see, I have created yet another Audio Monstrosity! But this one is better. Much better! Although it's not finished yet, either...


In this track, I programmed the drum machine myself (I generally don't like using loops), played the guitar myself (which is why it's so bad) and the bass guitar myself (which is why it's so good). I know, there is a buzzing, but I wasn't able to process that out as it seemed to be part of the feedback from the distortion I was using on the guitar. My equipment is rather limited, so I do the best I can.

Here is the track: Mad Scientist Personal Ad!

Here are the lyrics:

Toaster Sunshine, Personal Ad, Take 9

The life of a mad scientist is so sad and lonely
All of my best friends live in formalin jars, you see

So I took out this personal ad
As an appeal to all the hot science ladies
You know, I might be mad
But that doesn't mean I'm all bad
At least not for you, baby
I'm about six feet tall
With a slightly hunched back
Uh, my hair's pretty wild
But, you know, I know that
I enjoy long walks
Through the city ruins
After I've destroyed it
Um, I love the smell of Tesla coil in the morning
Um, my hobbies include orchestrating my enemies' doom
And, building weird devices
The more devices I can fit into one chassis, the better
So I really hope you like electronics
And if you know how to solder, it's a plus

Did I mention I have a zeppelin?
Because it's a really cool zeppelin!

I'm a mad scientist
Lookin' for love
Your legs need to be as sexy as your brain
I'm a mad scientist
Just looking lookin' for love
Want brains so full and curvy
I want your brains wrinkly
I want your brains smart
I want your brains so juicy
I want you in my heart

I'm a mad scientist
Lookin' for love
Your brains gotta be as hot as your legs

Call me.

This one is downloadable!

I have also uploaded a couple of older tracks, "Zombie Cookie" (lyrics: "I am a zombie, give me a cookie!") and "Dishware Flossery".

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