17 March, 2009

How Deeply Do You Focus the Lens?

I have another post brewing, basically the other shitkettle that's stinking up my life at the moment. It's even written. However, it's dark and deeply personal, and I'm still trying to figure out just how much one can/should let leak from behind the mask of their blogonymity.

So, dear apprentices, how do you balance connecting with your readers as more than a witting wordy pontiff and feeling exposed?

I'm aware that each of us must choose how much of our real lives to reveal. I intend to write more than mere Mad Science Lulz, but at the same time, do I want to invite you all to examine the light at the end of the tunnel between my ears? This is the question I am currently wrestling with, and perhaps your experienced wisdom/bidness could lend me a hand.


Epicanis ( http://www.bigroom.org/wordpress ) said...

I similarly wonder about blogging pseudonymously. In my case, it's not as though it'd be difficult to figure out my real name...

More important, though, seems to be having readers who care about personal details. In my own case, as far as I can tell nobody is interested besides a couple of members of my immediate family (who already know anyway).

Then again, the five or so people who actually read what I post are probably not a representative sample...

PhizzleDizzle said...

That is a difficult question that I think all bloggers struggle with. I think the scary part for me is that once you're out, your'e out - you can't take stuff back. So I approach the whole thing very carefully. I blogged about it here, actually:


But what I've decided is to have nothing "googleable" about myself. No specifics in terms of my city, university, subfield, companies/universities i'm looking at for post-graduate jobs, all that. It would be hard to "stumble" across my blog from googling except via things that are associated with my blog name. So....I feel this basically covers it. I think.