13 March, 2009

Poll! Vanity! Toaster's Face!

Figure A: Toaster (after combing his hair).

For the boosting of my own ego and infrequent vanity, I included a response for "I'm only here because I think Toaster is hot" in the poll to your left. I didn't expect much of a response, but I did not expect to be beaten 10 to motherfucking 1 (whoever that 1 is, thank you) by motherfucking bunnies! I guess, honestly, I should have known better than to tempt the Internet with bunnies. But still, I looked at the picture of me that was attached to this blog, with full PPE and fresh haircut on, and realized that maybe this disparity is because that photo looks like a pile of blue with some hair sticking out.

Figure B: Toaster models most of the PPE in the lab (also: prepared for zombie apocalypse).

So I provide for you this picture above (very top, not immediately above), of myself, to influence your opinions. Don't vote for the sake of my ego or vanity; don't vote because of my mild ranting; no, vote for my creepy lopsided stare and week-long invisible stubble!

Vote early!

Vote now!

Vote multiple times!

I'll find some connection to science here somehow sometime later (feel free to do so yourself, though).

1 comment:

Candid Engineer said...

Alright, Toaster, you look a little more human without all of your PPE. :)