23 March, 2009


Figure A: Toaster would rather be here than where he is.

The picture above is of the Current River in the Ozarks. This river is generally noted for its clear water and gravel bed, and it's fed by lots of springs that have carved floatable caves out of the bluffs. I would currently rather be there on a kayak than here in the lab starting another week's toil. Alternatively, it'd be nice to be breaking my ribs on the St. Francis River spring shut-ins*.

*Shut-ins = Ozark colloquialism referring to sections of streams or rivers that run rapids through narrow gorges (~<1m wide), usually occur in parallel sets and often have chutes and drops. Also used as early water slides.

1 comment:

Science Bear said...

I haven't been on the Current River, but am from the Ozarks :-)

I love Spring River in the summer!