12 March, 2009


I gave my lab computer a face.

Now it won't turn on.

Granted, it has had a face for 6 months (at least), so I can't definitively say that this is what caused it to fizzle, but still. It has been freezing once a day for the past couple of months, which has necessitated that I force a shut down and reboot. But now I'm not even getting anything and it's overheating.

Seriously, computer, what the fuck? I'm nice to you. I keep your hard drive relatively organized, I keep my data in the cloud instead of making you carry it. I turn you off every night so you can rest. Yes, I play a lot of music with you since the other other computer blew some capacitors, but that doesn't mean you're just a dressed up jukebox! So what is it then, computer? Has it been the electrical work the plant crew has been doing around here lately with the frequent blackouts at odd hours of the night? Did I dress you with too many Post-It notes that you sweated yourself into exhaustion? Did you want a prettier face? You should have told me, because, frankly, this is a shitty way to get my attention.

And this CRT monitor is already giving me a headache.

Therefore, computer, I ask of you: why?


drdrA said...

Should have bought a mac.

Toaster said...

I didn't get a choice.

Besides, I'm not convinced that a Mac would make data analysis any easier.